We’re seasoned event specialists who are passionate about the event industry. We providing event training and consultation.


Our training is concise, has internationally recognised accreditation and is written by event experts for event pros and newbies alike. You see we don’t believe it takes years to attain the basic knowledge, just years of experience to apply it appropriately.


Need some help with an event, health and safety issues or perhaps you’re setting up an event team, if so we love to help. We have masses of experience and can save you stress, time and money.

Many organisations use our Event Consulting Service where they need extra support, resources or expertise.

We are event professional who are passionate about events and the live events industry.

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Looking for Certification?

Our accreditation provides the Certified Event Professional (CMP) accreditation. It is recognised by over 30 international event associations including the International Live Events Association (ILEA) and Meeting Professionals International (MPI) here in the United Kingdom.

What makes us different?

EMC Event courses are a unique organisation providing some of the best Event Training & Event Consultation available. We are event professionals who have a vast amount of experience in all areas of event management, training and event health and safety.


Our courses primarily take place over one or two days. They are concise, punchy and full of content rather than similar longer courses which we feel can be inflated with filer style content which ultimately extends time away from the office.

In house training

Many organisations take advantage of the savings and convenience of inviting us to train their people at their own location. Savings are made reducing time away from the office of key staff and reductions in potential travel and accommodation costs and of course the convenience of providing training at a time suitable to you. Further economies of scale are enjoyed employing our trainer’s opposed to individual open day per person costs.

Event Health & Safety Consultancy

Event Health and Safety concerns are high on boardroom agendas whether you are a not for profit, corporate organiser or event planning agency. The Health and Safety Executive are more vigilant, with more successful prosecutions than ever and armed with unlimited fines and prison sentences of up to 2 years per breach of the Health & Safety Act 1974.

Event Management Consultancy

The event industry has great diversity in the location and difference in types of events that require professional planning and execution. Our event management professionals have a very broad range of skillsets available to support your objectives. We can supplement your own in house event manager or team providing additional resources, experience and support.


Event Management Masterclass
Our signature course receives outstanding feedback from previous attendees, providing a tried & tested event management road map to plan & execute professional events is full of content, tricks of the trade, checklists, examples.
Event Health & Safety Essentials
A foundation course written and presented from the event organisers perspective this one day course provides in simple terms an overview and explanation of the Health & Safety Act 1974 .
Event Health & Safety Risk Assessments
Written from the the event professionals perspective we provide a brief overview of health & safety legislation. The main focus of this course being the methodology and production of Method Statements and Risk Assessments...
Event Sponsorship Blueprint
Seeking a sponsor in a crowded market is never an easy task. We delve into a wide variety of ideas, tactics and resources to make your event stand out and keep you ahead of...

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